Amanda Kloots, Nick Cordero’s widow, reveals she was ‘frustrated’ of her husband’s fatigue

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Last year, Amanda Kloots left devastated after she lost her husband and Broadway actor husband, Nick Cordero, due to complications from COVID-19. Now, after a year Kloots is moving on in her life.

In her bestselling memoir—one of the first major memoirs of and about the Covid era—‘Live Your Life: My Story of Loving and Losing Nick Cordero’, Amanda talks about the various facets of her relationship with Nick, among other things.

“It was one of those conversations that sparks a connection, a real bond,” she writes in her book. “We ended up talking for hours –it felt like a movie scene where the time passes in slow motion for two characters, while the world all around them continues moving at a usual pace… People came in and out of the scene around us, but we kept coming back to this deep conversation until we suddenly realized it was two o’clock in the morning.”

She went on to say that people around her were asking her to wait it out. “Everyone told me that it was too soon to be dating someone. That I needed time alone to heal and figure things out — Nick said that more than anyone. But I always told them that being with Nick made me happy, and at that time, I needed to do things that made me happy,” said Amanda in her best-selling memoir. 

“Nick and I were very different people. Nick  always said ‘too different.’ We didn’t see the world, marriage, and family the same… We had many arguments about it. We had our ups and downs. We fought. We broke up twice,” she revealed. 

“When Nick first said he was feeling fatigued on Friday morning, I thought, ‘Yeah, me, too,'” she writes. “COVID was in the back of our minds at this point, of course. It was on everyone’s mind. But he had none of the symptoms. He had no preexisting conditions. He was forty-one years old,” she said, not knowing what lies ahead.

“I feel awful now, because at the time, I felt a little frustrated. He was just sleeping all day, and I was alone doing everything for Elvis, for the house, and for our family. I remember thinking, ‘Okay, I guess you’re just going to sleep then,” Amanda Kloots said in her book.