‘Batman’ comics: Robin comes out as bisexual

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As per reports, the latest issue of ‘Batman: Urban Legends’—a monthly anthology series—has revealed that the Caped Crusader’s longtime sidekick Robin is bisexual.

This development happened towards the end of part 3 of the ‘Sum of Our Parts’ story, when, during a rescue section, Bernard mentions to Robin that he wishes he could’ve finished his date with Tim, not knowing that he’s actually speaking to his love interest. 

A few pages in, Tim goes to see Bernard and he has a moment of clarity.

“Tim Drake… do you want to go on a date with me?” Bernard asks.

“Yeah… Yeah, I think I want that,” Tim replies.

Robin is now officially an LGBTQIA character and has joined the likes of Kate Kane (Batwoman), Bobby Drake (Iceman), Loki, Jean-Paul Beaubier (Northstar), Billy Kaplan (Wiccan), Hulkling, Midnighter, and Apollo.

Earlier this year, Marvel had also introduced the first gay Captain America through the character of Aaron Fischer.