Britney Spears says she is not afraid to burn bridges

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American pop sensation Britney Spears on Saturday shared a cryptic post on social media referring to ending relationships with people involved- directly or indirectly- in her conservatorship.

Britney posted a simple message on her Instagram handle saying “If standing up for yourself burns a bridge, I have matches” – a reference to ending relationships, something she has been doing recently. In addition to going after her dad, Jamie, she has zeroed in on her mom and sister, among many others.

Through her message, she seems to be saying that she is not afraid to torch relationships that have harmed her over the years.
Britney also posted pictures of her recent trip to Maui, talking about “the little things” she enjoys. One of the pictures shows what appears to be her cocktail of choice, held by her boyfriend Sam Asghari.

Her posts include the image of a statue of a “rare white owl,” with the caption .. “Pssss check out the statue of the rare white owl … I saw it this morning !!!! Before I saw it, a beautiful little boy with white-blond hair who was two years old screamed at his mamma because he wanted his drink with a straw … it was the most adorable thing ever cause he reminded me of my boys when they were younger.”

On a related note, as per TMZ, Britney and her lawyer, Matt Rosengart, have been mounting a full-court press to remove Jamie from the conservatorship, a prelude to asking the judge to end the conservatorship, which has been up and running for more than 13 years.