‘Catch The Bullet’ trailer: First look at drama dedicated to late actor Jay Pickett out

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In a first, makers released the first look of upcoming film ‘Catch the Bullet’ on the actor Jay Pickett. 

Slated for release in select theatres, on digital and VOD on September 10, the film centers on Britt MacMasters (Pickett), a U.S. marshal who returns from a mission to find his father (Tom Skerritt) wounded and his son, Chad (Mason McNulty), kidnapped by the outlaw Jed Blake (Gattlin Griffith). Hot on their trail, Britt forms a posse with a gunslinging deputy and a stoic Pawnee tracker. But Jed and Britt tread dangerously close to the Red Desert’s Sioux territory, which poses a menace far greater than either can imagine.

Directed by Michael Feifer, Catch the Bullet stars Peter Facinelli, Cody Jones, Callder Griffith, Tucson Vernon Walker, Rick Moffatt, Ardeshir Radpour, Kevin McNiven, Peter Sherayko, Eric Pickett, and Ryder Kozisek.

Jay Pickett died July 30 of unknown causes while shooting the film ‘Treasure Valley’ in Idaho. He was 60 at the time.