Did you know Rihanna nearly had a wild cameo in Adam Driver’s ‘Annette’?

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Adam Driver’s latest film, ‘Annette’, made quite a noise this year, and now the director of the acclaimed movie has revealed a little secret. Turns out that Rihanna nearly made a cameo in the movie. 

Rihanna was set to play a small part opposite puppet in the musical drama starring Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard that hit US theatres recently.

“It was a small part written specifically for her,” director Leos Carax tells USA TODAY of the planned cameo. “She was supposed to play Rihanna. When Baby Annette becomes famous, there was a duet between the puppet and Rihanna. But then Rihanna feels upstaged by this baby.” 

The movie centres on stand-up comedian Henry (Driver) and opera singer Ann (Cotillard), and how their lives are changed when they have their first child

Previously, there were many reports about the singer and her part in the project, but her rep later said she was no longer part of the movie. Instead of replacing Rihanna, and picking another singer, the scene was cut from the film, Carax told. 

Meanwhile, ‘Annette’ premiered earlier this year at Cannes Film Festival where Carax won an award for Best Director. The film marked Carax’s English-language feature debut.

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