Friendship Day: Producer Anand Pandit on Amitabh Bachchan, ‘Amit ji is not just a friend but an inspiration’

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Veteran producer Anand Pandit hopes to release his much-awaited Amitabh Bachchan and Emran Hashmi starrer ‘Chehre’ in the near future but the memories associated with the film’s making will remain with him forever.

On Friendship Day, Pandit recalls how the superstar has shaped his worldview and says, “Even as a young boy, watching him play the quirky best friend in ‘Sholay’ taught me that friendship is about fun, camaraderie and also about having each other’s back at all times. And meeting him decades later taught me so much more. Today Amit ji is not just a friend but an inspiration. There is so much to learn from him. His career alone is a huge lesson in resilience, longevity and consistency. And his life demonstrates how to face challenges and triumph every time.”

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Pandit recalls how during the ‘Chehre’ shoot, Bachchan was a thorough professional on the sets and a warm and generous presence after work. Recalls Pandit, “He is a treasure-trove of anecdotes, wisdom and humour. He regaled the cast and the crew with so many stories. Everyone felt so privileged to listen to him. There are so many aspects of the industry’s past and even present that we came to know about only because of these conversations.”  

Pandit says that as a friend too, Bachchan has always gone out of his way to be of help, especially during the pandemic. He says, “I know that I can always go to Amit ji with an idea pertaining to social welfare and he will not say, ‘No.’ Regardless of how busy he is, he is always there to help and was a big part of the Covid relief centres we created across Mumbai.”

Pandit concludes, “Knowing him is a privilege and to have him in your life is a blessing. I am truly fortunate to have not just got an opportunity to work with him but to call him my friend and learn from him constantly.”