Kevin Smith bio-documentary ‘Clerk’ to release on this date

Media News

Kevin Smith bio documentary ‘Clerk’ has been acquired by 1091 Pictures. 

It is based on the life and career of filmmaker Kevin Smith. The film will now release on November 23. 

This comes at a time as Kevin Smith celebrates his 51st birthday. 

As for ‘Clerk’, Mewes is among those interviewed to weigh in on the peaks and pitfalls of Kevin Smith’s career, joined by fellow collaborators and friends including Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Justin Long and Richard Linklater and including never-before-seen footage including of George Carlin and Stan Lee.

Kevin Smith said, “I’m legit thrilled that 1091 snapped up Malcolm’s masterpiece, Clerk. To say I love this deep-dive documentary into my favorite subject matter is a gross understatement. And I’m stoked that this inspirational little flick has been 1091’ed! Clerk couldn’t have found a better home than with the same folks who made The Last Blockbuster such an undeniable success. I’ll be doing everything I can to assist in distributing this self-promotional piece of propaganda that tells the unlikely Cinder-fella story about a Jersey boy who made that one good movie back in the ’90s – including touring with Malcolm and his movie wherever they’ll welcome the two of us and Clerk. (which is a lot like Clerks, except you leave the S off for Savings)!”