‘Panchayat’ Season 2 trailer out! Newer challenges await in Phulera 

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A week after teasing fans with a glimpse of what’s in store, the trailer of ‘Panchayat 2’ was finally unveiled on social media.

The trailer gives a glimpse of the Phulera district and the life of Abhishek, the Panchayat secretary. And while his usual team of people remain, there are new additions and challenges that the Panchayat has to face. 

The show will touch upon rural India and its social conundrums even in the second season. Actors Jitendra Kumar, Neena Gupta and Raghuvir Yadav will be seen reprising their roles in the new season. 

Reflecting on the daily tribulations of village life, the trailer opens us to Abhishek’s growing camaraderie with Pradhan, Vikas, Prahlad and Manju Devi as the former begins to find his ground in Phulera. With newer issues plaguing the villagers, how will Abhishek manage to balance it all and let the right prevail? Peppered with a slice of life moments and ample doses of humour, ‘Panchayat’ Season 2 promises to captivate audiences just like the first one.

“Growing up within the limits of a small town myself, I could relate to the dilemmas and hesitance of Abhishek right from day one, though he had a bigger challenge of transitioning into the rural life,” actor Jitendra Kumar says. “This resonance somewhere helped me to get into the skin of the character and reprise him better. As a character, the constant oscillation of wanting to make it big but also standing in solidarity with the villagers is what makes Abhishek so relatable and unabashedly real. Into the second season, he is much more levelheaded and in peace with himself as he steers through the concerns in Phulera. It was an amazing experience to work with such a talented cast and I am looking forward to the global premiere of ‘Panchayat’ S2 on Prime Video.” 

‘Panchayat’ Season 2 will be releasing on Prime Video on 20th May and will be available in India and 240 other countries. 

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