Zee Theatre presents two Gujarati plays that explore the true meaning of the word, ‘family’

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Zee Theatre continues to curate the best of Indian stories from across the country, and presents two memorable Gujarati plays all through this month.

‘Jenu Khisu Garam Eni Same Sau Naram’ and ‘Papa Amara Prime Minister’ will be screened on Tata Sky Theatre. Both plays reveal many home truths as they depict two families dealing with the challenges of miscommunication and colliding interests. 

Here is an overview of the plays:
Jenu Khisu Garam Eni Same Sau Naram:

Shivkumar’s family comprises his wife, two sons, daughter-in-laws and a grandchild. Post retirement, Shivkumar is considered to be good for nothing by his entire family. One fine day, his mutual fund investment matures and Shivkumar gets more than Rs 1 crore.  

While Shivkumar intends to utilise this money for noble causes, his sons want this money for their ulterior and selfish motives. Money becomes the root cause of the family’s disintegration. Will Shivkumar be able to earn the respect he deserves and unite his family again?

The play is directed by Imtiaz Patel and stars Tiku Talsania, Vandana Pathak, Narhari Jani, Nilesh Pandya, Linesh Fanse, Vaishali Parmar, Purvi Bhatt, Pratham Bhatt and Chintan Mehta.

Papa Amara Prime Minister:

After seven years of living and working in the USA to fulfil his family’s desires and dreams, Krishnakant reunites with his wife, son and daughter in India. However, soon enough, he discovers that he has missed out on a close connection with them. He faces many adjustment issues with his family and finds that his son and daughter have gone astray. They are not even interested in communicating with him.

Instead of bowing down to the teenagers’ demands, Krishnakant is determined to set them right. Does he succeed or succumb? When the means cannot justify the ends, can the ends justify the means?

Directed by Vipul Mehta, the play stars Hiten Kumar, Bhoomi Shukla, Kervi Udani and Anant Velani.