Tokyo Metropolitan Government to convert landfill site into sports ground

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Tokyo [Japan], October 15 (ANI): Japanese silver grass is a landscape symbol during autumn in Japan. It is the landfill over the site of Yatozawa disposal site in Hinode town of Tokyo and now the original scenery is full of nature. It is home to many precious creatures and insects.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government is responsible for the thorough management and preservation of the regenerated natural environment. It used to be a landfill for incinerated ash and waste from nearby municipalities.

“Here is a reproduction of the natural environment like Satoyama, which is nature scenery of Japan. The number of plants and animals decreased during the landfill period, so to compensate, we have set up grasslands and reservoirs for the restoration of clear streams. The number of rare creatures, “Oomurasaki, called the Japanese national butterfly,” and dragonflies and birds that prefer the waterfront are also increasing. The reputation of the neighbourhood and the people who visit here from another region is also good,” said Shigeki Sonoda, Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

A sports ground will be built in the area for the citizens. The Futatsuzuka disposal site is a managed final disposal site equipped with the highest level of facility and system in Japan and carries out thorough safety management. The facility is to dispose of incineration ash and non-combustible waste fragments from nearby municipal waste disposal plants and convert them into cement.

This cement is called “eco-cement” because it is reused, meaning ecology and cement. Eco-cement is useful for town development and has many advantages.

“Since all incineration ash is recycled, it is no longer necessary to landfill it, so eco-cement contributes to prolonging the disposal site. Eco-cement products are also used as civil engineering materials for pedestrian and road boundary block and interlocking block, to make the town beautiful, ” said Shigeki Sonoda, Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Natural destruction caused by landfill construction and soil pollution in waste disposal plants has become major problems in the world. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s eco-cement project contributes to recycling society and conservation of nature through the reuse of incineration ash. (ANI)

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