Get Moving and Save $65 on the Cubii Go Under-Desk Elliptical — Today Only


Activity is the name of the game, when it comes to fitness and overall health. Few things will do as much for you as a little motion will. But with the demands of full-time desk work, it can be a challenge to stop long enough to get that much needed motion in. That’s where the Cubii Go comes in. This compact, under desk elliptical machine gets the heart pumping and the muscles working without stressing your joints, all while you work. And right now, you can get your body moving for less. The Cubii Go is 20% off today, May 4, bringing the price to just $264 during this one-day sale.

Cubii has its own mobile app that syncs with iPhone and Android devices, Apple Health Kit and Fitbit smart bands, to help you keep track of the calories you burned (up to 125 an hour) and the distance you pedaled, all from the comfort, or necessity, of your desk. Plus, with its small size, it’s easily portable, meaning you can bring it to the sofa while you watch your favorite show, to the dining room for food prep or a good read, or take it with you on a long work trip, to keep up with your fitness goals.

If you’re ready to take charge of your health, this is a great step (or pedal) to take. Compact means convenient, as it tucks under the desk or can be put away in the closet without taking much of your precious space. And with eight levels of adjustable resistance, you can step up the intensity as you progress your journey, or dial it back for a day where you don’t have the extra stamina to spare. Best of all, the Cubii Go is whisper quiet, so the sound won’t be competing with what you really want to pay attention to. If you’re working in an in-person office, you don’t have to worry about bothering co-workers, and at home, you won’t have to crank your TV or music just to hear it. 

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