Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury: Fight date, location, how to watch online, weird fight clauses


Jake Paul, presumably saying something mean about Tommy Fury.

In under a month, Jake Paul is fighting again. The next one could be his biggest yet. He’s fought ex-basketball players and two ageing MMA champions, but now Jake Paul is finally ready to fight a proper boxer. 

Paul is facing off against Tommy Fury, the half brother of the reigning heavyweight king Tyson Fury.

Fury fought on Paul’s last undercard, against MMA fighter Anthony Taylor, but is probably most famous in the UK for his appearances on the reality show Love Island. 

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury is scheduled for December 18 in Tampa Bay, Florida.  

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury will take place at the Amalie Arena over 8 rounds and will be fought at a 192 pounds catchweight. That’s roughly the weight Jake Paul usually fights at. 

His last two fights featuring ex-MMA fighters who usually fought at 170. 

This time round Paul is fighting someone much closer to his own height and natural weight. It’s also the first time he’s fighting someone, in Fury, with a similar amount of boxing experience. Fury’s current record is 7-0, with four knockouts to his name. Jake Paul is current 4-0.   

The fight will be available on PPV through Showtime. More details to come.

Much like Jake Paul’s last fight, which had a bizarre tattoo bet — his last opponent Tyron Woodley had to get a “I love Jake Paul” tattoo after losing — this new fight also has a few strange stipulations. 

This time around Jake Paul is trying to create a bet whereby, he gives Tommy Fury an extra $500,000 if he wins, but has to chage his name to Tommy Fumbles if he loses. This most likely traces back to an earlier interview where Fury’s Father and trainer said Tommy Fury would have to change his name if he lost to a Paul brother.

As of right now, nothing is finalized or official.

There’s already been a press conference, but you can expect more in the future, with more shenanigans.

You can watch the first press conference below.